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Liability Insurance Agency, LLC (LIA) was founded in 2015 by Michelle Moran, President of LIA, who has been in the Liability Insurance industry for over 10 years.

Liability Insurance Agency, LLC Specializes in Professional Liability coverage for: Physicians & Surgeons, all specialties (including “hard to place” due to claims, non-renewal, board actions, alcohol, etc.); CRNA; Medical Spa / Anti-Aging; Locum Tenens/Staffing companies. We also have agents licensed in Life & Health Insurance.

We have access to a variety of Standard & Excess/Surplus markets, which allows us to offer you the best policy coverage for a great price with many policy benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Entity policy & an Individual policy?2017-01-24T02:22:13-04:00

An Entity policy, names the actual entity as the 1st Named Insured & typically covers all employees/staff under it with shared policy limits. Additional locations may be added for an additional premium as well as independent contractors, depending how it is structured.
An Individual policy names the individual as the 1st named insured & can follow them from location to location. Additional individuals may be added to this policy depending on how it is structured.

I have been told you can’t have too much insurance & should have a higher limit, which is raising my annual premium, is this true?2017-01-24T02:27:09-04:00

No. Depending on your individual state typically policy limits are $1,000,000 per claim and $3,000,000 aggregate. If you higher the policy limit such as a $3,000,000 per Claim & $5,000,0000 policy aggregate & have a claim, the more likely you are to have a larger payout.

I am a Medical Director who works at multiple locations, is there a policy that will cover me everywhere I work?2017-01-24T02:26:49-04:00

Yes. There is a separate policy a Medical Director can obtain to cover him/her to work at multiple locations. There is also the option to purchase an Extended Reporting Coverage Policy (ERP) / Tail coverage if/when the policy is no longer needed.

I’ve had a claim or board action & can no longer obtain coverage in the standard market will my rate increase in the excess/surplus market?2017-01-24T02:26:19-04:00

No. Since the excess/surplus market does not have state rates they are able to be more flexible with premiums.

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